Nuclear Structure 2012

Argonne National Laboratory, August 13-17, 2012
Nuclear Structure 2012

Nuclear Structure 2012 (NS12)

August 13-17, 2012, Argonne National Laboratory

Forefront research in experimental and theoretical Nuclear Physics

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    Argonne National Laboratory hosted in 2012 the Conference “Nuclear Structure 2012” (NS12). The Conference Papers are now available for download.

  • Posters
    The NS12 Conference hosted a lively and interesting Poster Session too.

  • Participants
    The Conference was well attended. The list of participants is available.
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The “Nuclear Structure 2012” conference was held at Argonne National Laboratory from August 13-17, 2012. This was the 14th in the series of biennial conferences organized by one of the North American National Laboratories. Previous conferences have been hosted by Argonne National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Chalk River Laboratories, the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The scientific program was devoted to the latest research and development in experimental and theoretical Nuclear Structure Physics, with emphasis on the properties of nuclei at the extremes of isospin, mass, angular momentum, and excitation energy.

Important Announcement


August 28, 2012 The conference presentations are available for download. Some posters are available as well.
NS12 Presentations | NS12 Posters

Immediately following the NS12 conference, the 'Low Energy Community Meeting' was held at the same venue as the conference (Bld. 401 Auditorium). For information about the meeting, please visit the Low-Energy Community Meeting web site.


For further information and questions please contact Filip Kondev () or Torben Lauritsen ().

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For further information and questions please contact:

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Conference Poster

NS12 Conference Poster
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